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Your first appointment usually takes one hour. Your nutritionist will carefully examine your history and symptoms. The live-cell blood analysis, blood tests for cholesterol, sugar, haemoglobin and other health indicators are available on site (Paddington). These will be performed where required. From careful analysis of the data, a personal plan will be developed for you.

This will give guidelines for specific dietary changes, a personalized vitamin and nutrient supplementation plan will be prepared and appropriate lifestyle changes will be recommended.

Once a program has been developed you can expect return visits typically one to three weeks. These visits typically last about 20-30 minutes. During this follow-up phase, adjustments can be made to your program, based on results from your new body chemistry.

Note: It may initially take 2-4 consultations over the first two months to develop your personal plan. Thereafter as improvements are achieved appointments may be made monthly and then every 4-6 months depending on your needs.

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